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AT-S20, Android 4.1 GOOGLE TV DONGLE, Full HD 1080P, Max1.2GHZ, DDRIII 1GB,Bulit-in WIFI,WAPI,HDMI

  • Model: AT-S20
  • $59.99
  • Availability: Currently Short Of Stock
  • Shipping: Free Shipping
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Google Android TV HD TV built-in WiFi HD network player

Free Shipping ! 

Deliver from Montreal Distribution Center


Introduction is approaching a time when a lot of people will be able to plug an Android 4.1 Mini TV Box into a monitor or a TV and accomplish the majority of what they can achieve with a ‘real computer’ a smart TV.
The RikoMagic AT-S20 was one of the first devices that really looked to exploit this. Aimed primarily at enthusiasts, the  AT-S20  was a small box with a HDMI port, providing Android on your TV / monitor at an impressively low price.

In The Box

In the box of  AT-S20 , you get more in the box than you might expect! As well as the foam-packaged device itself, you get a paper manual, a microUSB power cable, a microUSB OTG adaptor (for connecting external storage) and a HDMI extension cable... everything you need to get going!

 In use

Hooking up and booting up

To get going, all you need to do is hook up a power input (a regular microUSB cable connected to a PC or a USB to mains adaptor), connect the HDMI output to your TV / monitor and then add an input source. This could be a wired or wireless keyboard / mouse, for my testing I used a Logitech K400 which I normally use for my media center - it works great.

The device starts to boot as soon as you connect the power, indicated by a blue LED. It first tries to boot from the microSD card (e.g. a Linux distro), before then booting the internal Android OS.

Posted Image

After the Rikomagic boot screens, you arrive at the Android home screen. The configuration is such that you get the regular Ice Cream Sandwich tablet UI. Out of the box my device was configured to 720P, however you can bump the resolution up to 1080P (24 / 50 / 60).

Posted Image

Out of the box the software included is fairly minimal, you get the standard Android base software with a (certainly unofficial) Play Store. The Play Store is interesting, the ROM could do with some permissions / fingerprint tweaks as quite a lot of apps don't show (e.g. Chrome, although this can be installed manually via APK).

Posted Image

By virtue of the fact the AT-S20 has no hardware buttons or touchscreen there are some additional buttons on the bottom navigation bar for volume up / down, shutdown and legacy menu access.


You can plug most things in to the  AT-S20. We've used USB flash drivesUSB hard drives and some USB ethernet dongles are also supported. With 2 microUSB ports and a full size USB port you're not likely to go short! We believe some 3G dongles also work, but you might want to double check this if it forms part of your plans.

General navigation and browsing

In use, the UI performs as you'd expect for a 1GHz single core device driving a 720P (or 1080P) screen - that is to say that while it's generally usable, it does struggle at times, leading to occasional 'wait' dialogues (clicking wait generally does the job).

Posted Image

This experience is echoed in the Browser and in the Chrome browser if you download and install it. Although the device is usable, you do get occasional slowdowns which can be a little frustrating. It does very much depend on the intensity of the task you're doing.

Posted Image

Streaming video

We know a use case for the  AT-S20 is to enable streaming video services on a TV / monitor, so we made a point of trying out the popular services.

Posted Image

Finally, YouTube videos are silky smooth too.

Posted Image

Local / network video

One thing we really wanted to do on the  AT-S20  was to play MKV files. You will suspected that the device would be really good at this and it was! It can played from a locally attached drive and over the network and playback was flawless. The  AT-S20 can be susceptible to getting a weak WiFi connection, but with careful placement I was able to maintain a good stream.

Posted Image

Pricing and availability

The  AT-S20 is available in with Free Shipping , same day deliver from Montreal Distribution Center


CPU Amlogic  AML8726-M3   up to 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A9+ 1080P media+3D GPU       

Memory DDRIII 1G  DDR3       

Flash Nand Flash 4GB  (up to 16GB)       

WiFi  802.11 b/g /n       

3G Support most external 3G USB dongle        

Mould Plastic: white  or  black        

1*HDMI 1.3  up to 1920x1080 resolution     

1*USB  DC input     

1*USB HOST  Host   usb port      

1*TF card reader  TF card interface .    Support  1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB     

OS Android 4.11       

Video RM/RMVB, MPEG, MKV,  AVI,  MP4,MOV,FLV, H.263,H.264,VC-1,DivX, Xvid, TS,RealVideo,VP6,VP8  up to 1080P support       


Adobe Flash Adobe Flash 10.1 support or above       

Support language Chinese , English ,Germany ,Japanese, Korea  etc.   24 languages        

Browse all  video websites  ,support  Netflix ,Hulu ,Flixster , youtube etc.           

Apps  download  freely form  android  market 、amazon appstore etc.        

Local Media playback,support HDD, U disck ,TF card .        

Support  SKYPE video  call ,MSN , facebook ,twitter ,QQ  etc        

Support  Email , office suit etc .        

Support DLNA function  



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